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Welcome to ASHRAEwiki—a centralized resource for the building industry to reference terminology definitions.


Getting started

ASHRAEwiki contains terminology related to buildings, with a particular focus on mechanical, envelope, electrical, lighting, load calculations, design, water design/conservation, and energy use and measurement metrics. Each term has one or more primary definition(s) and an indication denoting in which standard(s) the term is used. Some definitions have been reviewed by ASHRAE Technical Committee (TC) 1.6, Terminology, and these terms indicate TC 1.6 as their source. It is recommended that all new publications use the primary definitions of terminology found on this site.

ASHRAEwiki is currently in English only. Multiple languages may be accommodated in the future. See our Language Policy.

Search for any desired term or browse the entire list of Terminology.

ASHRAEwiki format

The Terminology link in the left navigation pane shows all terms in this wiki.

Units contained in definitions can be Inch-Pound (I-P) or International System (SI).

For each entry,

  •   "References" show a term's source.
  •   "External links" are publications outside of ASHRAE where the word is used or defined.
  •   "Date" shows the date the page was last updated.


If you use ASHRAEwiki content in a publication, cite the source as ASHRAE.

Comment on ASHRAEwiki

Comments on ASHRAEwiki and on individual terms are invited. To comment, send an email to Comments will be forwarded to TC 1.6 for consideration during the semiannual update cycle.

Comments on definitions in periodic-maintenance standards will be sent to the cognizant committee for consideration in the next revision of the document. Comments on definitions in continuous-maintenance standards should be submitted as continuous-maintenance proposals. Information regarding the submittal of continuous-maintenance proposals can be found  here.

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